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& # 39; Extremity & # 39; and 5 more of the best comics of 2017


This past year has been particularly strong for comics, so much so that, in fact, the Top 5 this year is actually a Top 6, and even that is just because We made the decision not to include titles that remained excellent after being included in last year's list. ( The Flintstones Giant Days and The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl we still love you, honestly). Even without those favorites, the books on this list represent some of the best comics to get to the stands in the last 12 months, and move from depressed escape artists to the anguish of teenage skaters and gods on the verge of death. Here is something for everyone, which means much more for those with an open mind.

The Wicked + The Divine (Image Comics)

Now in its third year, the series of Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie in which ordinary people are transformed into mythical figures, with the knowledge that they will be dead in two years or less, they get into their routine and then take off completely. Thanks to the masterful arc of the "Imperial Phase" for a year, the two creators (and the colorist Matt Wilson, whose work is an integral part of the series in several ways) fulfilled all the plans they had made up to that moment. and obtained the greatest turn since the end of the first season of The Good Place . (No spoilers, but it's one of those moments that leaves you thinking simultaneously: "I did not see it coming" and "That makes perfect sense, I should have known") The Wicked + The Divine has always been one of the most elegant and elegant series, not to mention one of the most discussed, and as this year made clear, it is only improving with age.

Mister Miracle (DC Entertainment) [1
9659003] Surprisingly, it was DC and not Marvel who did everything possible to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of the comic book legend Jack Kirby in 2017, with special issues and new series dedicated to Kamandi The Demon and New Gods among the many concepts that Kirby had created for the company during his brief tenure there. The best of all the tributes was undoubtedly Mister Miracle the convincing reinvention of the escape hero of Tom King and Mitch Gerads as a story about depression, family and the feeling stuck in his own life. Heartbreaking, fun and human, it is a classic of all times.

Tip (Image Comics)

What if Star Wars was … well, less fortunate for everyone involved? ? What would happen if the family drama came at a greater emotional cost, and Luke and Leia did not lose their family in an instant, but had to see how it was torn by the war in front of their eyes? Image describes the new Daniel Warren Johnson series as a cross between Mad Max and Studio Ghibli, but it is a much richer mix of influences, including Image's Saga art of Paul Pope, and the real-life generational trauma of those caught up in genocide and war as children. (It's, we promise, much more exciting and less depressing than that makes it sound.)

My favorite thing is monsters (Fantagraphics Books)

Describing Emil Ferris's first graphic novel: the first volume of Two, with the planned follow-up for next year, is not easy. On the surface, it is the diary of a girl obsessed with the 10-year-old horror comic of the late 1960s, whose family life is complicated, to say the least. However, it is also a comic about loss, identity, longing, murder and much more, and not least, it is a book that pushes the formal conventions of the comic medium itself in several ways. (On the one hand, it is presented as a notebook lined with sketches made in a pen, unlike a traditional comic, if it were not for the beautiful art of Ferris, he could be forgiven for believing that it was really a 10-year-old newspaper. age.) Maybe it's better to think that it's less like a traditional comic and more like a completely immersive experience that will overwhelm you, and make you impatient for what comes next for Ferris.

Spinning (First in second place)

Tillie Walden's memoirs about her adolescence are, as she admits in the epilogue, not exactly competitive figure skating as much as it may seem at first glance. Instead, it's an initiation story that treats your topics in a delightfully real way that avoids clichés while embracing the ambivalence and uncertainty of being a teenager. Walden's incisive writing is combined with his safe art, which ranges from a pleasant outline to a simple line full of personality, emotion and precision in a way that feels like the ideal illustration of life at that age. A surprising exorcism of personal demons that feels universal in its execution.

Hawkeye (Marvel Entertainment)

Who would have thought that one of the best comics of the year would show the name of the least favorite of all? screen Avenger (sorry, Jeremy Renner, but you know it's true) and the attitude of Veronica Mars ? Kelly Thompson and Leonardo Romero, apparently. The creative team behind the current series Hawkeye or Hawkeye: Kate Bishop as it is called in compiled editions, left Clint Barton and focused on the younger, less masculine incarnation of character, who established herself as a lousy private investigator in California, only to find problems wherever she looks. It's fast, snarky and so much fun that you'll find yourself waiting for someone to kill the Hawkeye movie as soon as possible so this version can replace it soon.

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